CH Roxilyn Christmas Truffle "Lindor"

Born: 25.12.2013 r.
Show results:

  • Polish Beauty Champion
  • Polish Beauty Junior Champion
  • Crufts 2016 qualification
  • Crufts 2015 qualification
  • Champions Show 2016 - Best of Breed with CAC at 2 years of age
  • Champions Show 2015 - Best of Breed with CAC at 14 months of age
  • Junior Winner of Poland, Best Junior
  • Best junior in Breed 5 times,
  • Best Puppy on Pastoral Breeds Club Show without polish - september 2014
  • BOG II - CAC show Włocławek 2016
  • BIS Baby III / CACIB Leszno 2014

    Photos, natural standing, at 2,5 years and one as youngster.

    Lindor' offspring.

    Nowadays he has 4 litters. I love them all, one litter is in Germany at kennel Moonfellow.

    First Lindor's litter growing up. Its combination Bounty+Olivier+Linor. I am so glad of them for now, however I know is long lime to asses them fully. Now I realise my idea, and did combinations Bounty+Greg+Lindor and Bounty+Greg+Olivier+Lindor, which in my assesment should give the same great personality, temperaments, nature and excellent confirmations.
    Lindor is a great dog, great friend, stud dog ad father. Junior Champion of Poland, Polish Champion, Poland Junior Winner, Crufts qualifications for 2015 i 2016, and more…
    On his last show in Mlada Boleslaw, under Ulrica Olsson Farmarens)/Sweden judgement confirmed his quality.

    I am so glad of him, his litters are amazing, puppies are very similar in constructions, very sweet and friendly, I just couldn't ask for more

    Puppies 8 weeks old ℗

    Puppies 6 weeks old ®

    ABOUT MY LINDOR, my so sweet chocolate, like … Lindt Lindor, exclusive and sweet, bringing a lot of pleasure

    Lindor ... another chocolate at my swety-case. Born in Christmas 2013. 25th of December. ROXILYN CHRISTMAS TRUFFLE given name. Was he awaited? selected? Yes, Lindor is not a dog from the case. It is thought exactly Decision and cooperation with the breeder. Greg fell into old age, and was ready to take the next young dog to raise him. Already it was clear that he wanted to give the palm of government. Not right away, but ... he was ready. I too was ready to adopt another dog. There must have been, but it came a little earlier than expected se.
    I thought follow all years, through successive litters of my kennel and other breeders. I watched, I was looking for, a definition of priorities, verify ideas, and each little information about Beardie absorbed like a sponge. Situations and opportunities that life briought me I tried to use, and ... I became.
    I had a choice, and my heart was heavily choice Polly, Lindor' mother. First of all, a very old line, based on the best as the old cultures. Yes, I wanted the dog with different pedigree, because even though I love what I have, and I appreciate the advantages, I know that there is no ideal, and line breeding can not be endlessly. I needed outcrossing, or matchmaking cross, unrelated, and with such a dog now is difficult, oh very difficult ... Not less important was Polly's behaviour, her very friendly character, and well bouid body.
    Ofcourse not only Polly was interesting me. Were another lovely bitches, however not as far pedigree as I dreamed on. The decision was to be on the level - the best of best, and if there will be two almost identical to the farthest kinship. There was also an easy decision to select the father, everyone in the type who like to come from dogs that are in my pedigrees and it's pretty close, often 2 or 3 ...
    I back to memory of my trips abroad, including to Sweden, England and the photos and videos that restoring me to remembered images, sometimes more sometimes less vague ....
    Fell on CHGB Potterdale Pisces. Dog - lovely, dignified, and only little used by others. Why? no one can guess :-) among other things, the reason for the choice were his children, I like this type that I noticed in his offspring. Polly connection with Potterdale Pisces seemed to be good. His pedigree is pure and simple. It contains "cream" beardie world.

    Bertie, because it is called at home Potterdale Pisces scored 9 certificates CC:

      • 17 January 2008 Manchester Dog Show Society Mrs Yvonne Fax(Bushblades)
      • 29 March 2008 Scottish Breeds Canine Club Mrs Glenda O'Connell(Atherleigh)
      • 3rd August 2008 Midshires Bearded Collie Club Mrs Sue Carter(Woodacre)
      • 13 September 2008 Darlington Dog Show Society Mrs Chris Hardy(otterswish)
      • 13th April 2009 Eastern Bearded Collie Association Mrs Ann Andrews(Hecatie)
      • 2nd August 2009 Midshires Bearded Collie Club Dr Peter Fox(Bushblades)
      • 19 September 2009 Darlington Dog Show Society Mr Jeff Horswell Mrs Althea Richardson(Caramac)
      • 27 March 2010 Scottish Breeds Canine Club
      • 9 July 2010 East of England Agricultural Society Mrs Diane Mottram(Mybeards)

      Photos from Midshire Bearded Collie show 20019, Bertie won BOB

      Lindor google gallery (end of 2014), as a junior

      Lindor google gallery as a puppy

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