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Smartness litters

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R born 11.06.2016
M: JPL PLCH Poland Winner,Club Winner Eden Smartness "Toffifee"
O: Ch. Roxilyn Christmas Truffle imp.GB "Lindor"

Puppies, 5 boys (2 black, 3 brown, 4 girls (2 black, 2 brown):

Black boys:

  • Robin Hood Smartness
  • Royal Edward Smartness
Brown boys:
  • Royal William Smartness
  • Ready Teddy Smartness
  • Rubin Smartness
Black girls:
  • Rose Marguerite Smartness
  • Royal Quinn Elizabeth Smartness
Brown girls:
  • Rising Sun Smartness
  • Rose Gold Smartness

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P born 26.05.2016
M: JPL PLCH Poland Winner, Glamis Castle Smartness "LaPerla" or "Lalusia"
O: Ch. Roxilyn Christmas Truffle imp.GB "Lindor"

Puppies, 5 boys (2 black, 3 brown, 4 girls (2 black, 2 brown):

Black boys:

  • Pure Magic Smartness
  • Pure Hit Smartness
  • Paradise Smartness
Brown girls:
  • Pure of heart Smartness
  • Pegasus Smartness
Black girls:
  • Pure Posh Smartness
  • Pure Delight Smartness
Brown girls:
  • Pure Bliss Smartness
  • Pure Gold Smartness
  • Pure Lady Smartness
  • Pure Love Smartness

More about this litter: click here - to blogg for LaPerla and Sally litters

O born 22.10.2015
M: JPL PLCH Farmarens New Gossip "Sally"
O: Ch. Heart"N"Soull Smartness "Robi"

Puppies, 4 boys, 4 girls, all black and white:


  • Over The Moon Smartness
  • Otello Smartness
  • Our Joy and Happiness
  • Our Joy and Happiness
  • Ombre Superbe Smartness (czarna)
  • Ombrée Parfaite Smartness
  • Opulence Smartness
  • Ooo! Baby! Smartness

More about this litter: click here - to blogg for LaPerla and Sally litters

N born 17.10.2015
M: JPL PLCH Poland Winner, Club Winner, res.CCGB First Lady Smartness "Merci"
O: Ch. Roxilyn Christmas Truffle imp.GB "Lindor"

Puppies, 5 boys, 6 girls, all black and white:


  • Nestor Smartness
  • Neptun Smartness
  • Napoleon Smartness
  • N Smartness
  • New Penny Smartness
  • Nanette Smartness
  • Nigrette Smartness
  • Nadia Smartness
  • Naomi Smartness

More about this litter: click here to blogg about Merci and Toffifee liters

M born 25.10.2014
M: JPL PLCH Poland Winner, HowkeyeBelle Smartness
O: Ch. Caffé Latte Old Tapis

Puppies, 2 boys, 3 girls, brown and white, 1 girls black and white:


  • Merlin Smartness
  • CH. Magic Sunset Smartness
  • CH. Morgengruss Smartness (czarna)
  • CH. Myriam Smartness
  • Moondance Smartness
  • Miss Alice Smartness

More about this litter: click here to Bella's litters

L Born 02.07.2014
M: JPL PLCH Zwycięzca Polski, Glamis Castle Smartness
O: Honeytaste Super Star

Puppies, 2 boys, 1 girl, all black and white:


  • Lambert Castle Smartness
  • Lion"s Fairy Tale Smartness
  • Letittia Belle Smartness

Information, news and photos:Click here "L"

K Born 08.11.2013
M: INTCH JPL PL HR CH Mł. Zwycięzca Klubu Ras Pasterskich Niepolskich, Crown Princess Margareta of Smartness
O: JDt DtClub VDH CH Nobility One Mr. Harry Brown

Harry's homepage

Puppies, 5 boys, 5 girls, all black and white:


  • King of Scotland Smartness
  • King Arthur Smartness
  • CH. Keep Smiling Smartness
  • CH. King of Scots Smartness
  • CH. King of Hearts Smartness
  • Kalevala Smartness
  • Kiss the sun Nebut
  • Klassy Lady Smartness
  • Kimberley Smartness
  • Kiki Rose Smartness

Information and photos on Princes blogg:
click here "H"

J Born 29.03.2013
M: JPL PL CH Mł. Zwycięzca Polski, Zwycięzca Polski Eden Smartness
O: INT JPL PL SK RO CH Mł.Zwycięzca Klubu, Zwycięzca Czech '07 Basie Of Slavic Charm

- Basie homepage

Puppies, 4 boys, 6 girls, all black and white:


  • Jacob's Wonder Smartness
  • Jasper Smartness
  • Joker Smartness
  • Just Brilliant Smartness - export do Wielkiej Brytanii, hodowla Roxilyn, wł. Karen Edwards oraz współwł. Rutch Scott (Rambergay)
  • Jessie Smartness
  • Jewel Grace Smartness
  • Jacqueline Nebut
  • Jeanie Smartness
  • Joanie Smartness
  • Jade Smartness
I born 28.03.2013
M: JPL PL CH JZw.Klubu Zw.Klubu Holandii, Bundessieger Tulln, British Dogs Festival Dortmund - res.CC, First Lady Smartness
O: INT PL DK VDH Club-VDH CH Bundessieger, Zw.Świata Weteranów Saudade De Shaleemar

Puppies, 4 boys, 4 girls, all black and white:

  • CH. I Believe In You Smartness
  • I have a Dream Smartness
  • Ice Breaker Smartness
  • Ian Stuart Smartness

  • I love You Smartness
  • Ibis Smartness
  • CH. Ice Princess Smartness
  • CH. Ice Quinn Smartness

born 24.11.2011 r.
M: PL INT CH crown Princess margareta of Smartness
F: INT VDH-DE Club-DE CH Bundesssieger ClubVDH CH Bundessieger Ramsgrove Roadrunner

On Thursday, 24 November 2011 Princess - Princess Margareta CH.Crown Of smartness gave birth 9 beautiful, black and white puppies. 4 boys and 5 girls, beautifully marked.
Princess' Blog (PL)

Puppies born:
15:00 male - weight 405 g - Heartbreaker Smartness
15:08 female - weight 295 g - Hopie Girl Smartness
16:00 male - weight 370 g - Happy Times Smartness
16:10 female - weight 360 g - Hanne Hannah Smartness
17:39 female - weight 380 g - JPLCH Hawkeye Belle Smartness
18:16 female - weight 365 g - Her Mejesty Smartness (3 x Zw.Młodzieży)
18:26 male - weight 380 g - Heart "O" Gold Smartness
20:05 female - weight 355 g - Hollywood Star Smartness
22:20 male - weight 365 g - JPLCH Heart "N" Soul Smartness

Google photo gallery of Smartness litter "H".

1) First puppies photos
2) and a little more about babies
3) First indyvidually photos of Smartness litter "H"
4) Indyvidal gallery of Smartness litter "H" 4 weeks old (names proposition)

YouTube - galerie szczeniąt Smartness - miot "H"

1) Breakfast - babies 3 weeks old - Smartness litter "H"

2) Sjesta after breakfas - babies 3 weeks old - Smartness litter "H"

3) Night playing - pupies 3 weeks old - Smartness litter "H"


born 25.03.2011 r.
M: PL INT CH Born To Be Smart Of Slavic Charm
F: INT PL DK DE ClubVDH CH Bundessieger World Veteran Winner'2011 Saudade De Shaleemar

It was last time when Bounty gave birth puppies. All black and white, 4 dogs and 4 bitches.
Father is my beloved Greg. It's lovely to see these pair's babies, all are very important for me. It is third their litter, I am very proud of earlier litters. Just because I would like to stop the time, to keep my beloved Bounty and Greg, as long as it is possible I decided on it. Older brother and sisters bringing me day by day hapiness and proud. Sara, Skipper, Moris and a lot of them... Thank you to al owners.
They have supper characters, sweet nature, nice outline and are very good in breeding. What I would ask for more? Nothing! only one more puppy out of Bounty and Greg :-) .

Puppies born:
No.1 Gentelman Agreement - ur. godz.22:10, weight 440g;
No.2 Grand Finale - born at 23:05, weight 445g;
No.3 Gift Of Life - born at 00:35, weight 370g;
No.4 Great Double White - born at 01:35, weight 440g;
No.1 Glamour - born at 03:35, weight 340g;
No.2 Graciuos Lady - born at 04:30, weight 325g;
No.3 Grace - born at 06:40, weight 300g;
No.4 Glamis Castle - born at 08:10, weight 335g;

Puppy's gallery:

F born 26.11.2009
M: INT JPL PL CH Zw.Klubu Born To Be Smart Of Slavic Charm
F: INT SE CH Farmarens Give Me Five

Puppies, 4 dogs, 6 bitches, black-white:
Olivier... he was my small, or maybe big dream... the outcome of mating GBCH. Crufts BOB-winner, father of many great beardies - Diotima Sea Wolf at Ramsgrove and charming bitch, that won my heart from the first sight GBCh.SECh. Farmarens Real Diamond. Couple of years ago while visiting Sweden, slowly learning about beardies, I had the chance to meet her parents: INT S N FIN DK CH SV-00 Farmarens Happy Returns Top Swedish winner 1997, and NORD CH NORDV-97 Potterdale Exellence Top Swedish winner 1994, 1995. In the ring and outside of it I admired FINV-99 INTUCH KBHV-98 NORD and DKUCH NORDV-99 NV-99 Farmarens High Commission, Happy Returns' brother and their mother - CH.Farmarens Yaba-Daba-Dii... They remained in my sight and heart, unforgotten... though I didn't know back then that they will interlace with my life and breeding. They were one of the best Bearded Collies I've ever seen. Olivier is a charming dog, exquisite not only because of his pedigree. He has a warm, charming character, great positive nature of a typical Bearded Collie. Active, likes to play and romp when he can, at the same time he is the "sofa" kind of beardie, calm and even-tempered furry plaything, not over-energetic. Exactly like the way he should be as a shepherd's comrade. Bounty is my huggy, my cuddly ghost, very alike Olivier's mother - Ronja. Same expression, type, very similar nature... And this why I awaited so much for the puppies of Olivier and my sweet Bounty... I believe that I will be blessed with their pups.

MERCI First Lady Smartness - JPL CH, JClub Winner stay at home
LADY Falling In Love Smartness - family pet.
FAE Felicite Parmentier Smartness - family pet.
FRENCH French Lace Smartness - family pet.
MAJA Fairy Dance - family pet.
GRETA Fascination Smartness - JPL CH - show girl and family pet, the lovely groomed girl, go to link page and follow link visit her homepage.
GOLDI Fine Gold Smartness - family pet.
FAITHFUL FRIEND Faithful Friend Smartness - family pet and DOGOTERAPHY.
FRODO Fair Jewel Smartness - family pet.
OKECHOOBEE "Oki" Favourite Dream Smartness - show boy and family pet, in cooperation with Morlih Beardies.
-->>> Galerie - patrz miot E
E born 23.11.2009
M: JPL PL CH Zw.Klubu Crown Princess Margareta
F: INT SE CH Farmarens Give Me Five

Olivier is an outcome of mating the same types of dogs that can be found in Princess' pedigree. Their fathers and mothers are the same types and this has the greatest influence on the mating choice made. I waited for these pups as I do with Bounty's children... Just as Greg is a special dog, which leaves his stamp on my breeding and I want to keep him in the pedigrees as long and as strong as it is possible, as strongly I believe that what Olivier holds will be pointed out as positively and strongly.

Puppies, 1 piesek, 8 suczek, black-white:

ToFFiFee JPL CH ZW.POLSKI Eden Smartness - stay at home.
BIBI Euphoria Smartness - family pet.
NAYA English Miss Smartness - family pet.
AIDA Elfie Smartness - family pet.
NAVI Emelie Smartness - family pet.
LUSI Easy Elegance Smartness - family pet.
TOSIA Evelyn Smartness - family pet.
MEGYN Empress Josephine Smartness - family pet.
FRANKY (FRANEK) JPL CH Earl Parsons Smartness - JPLCH, II BIS junior, show boy and family pet :-)

Gallery of litters E and F:
day of birth, first photos of Princess babies
Gallery of Princess pups 28/11/2009 each by each
Gallery of Princess pups 04/12/2009

Breakfast :-)
Breakfast II :-)

mummy is cleaning, we are playing :-)
and at other way...

Film - puppy plaing - part 1
Film - puppy playing - part 2
Something from Smartness familie's puppy time:
Hurra! Przyjechała cioteczka Kasia!
Jak tu zrobić zdjęcie maluchom...? :-)
Bitwa na legowisku
Kto silniejszy ? :-)
Zabawa na 100 fajerek! :-)
Cioteczka Jasmin jako mamka :-)

D born 16.10.2007
M: M: INT JPL PL CH Born To Be Smart Of Slavic Charm
F: INT PL DK DE Club-VDH CH Bundessieger, World Veteran Winner Saudade De Shaleemar

Bounty and Greg, they fit together in my mind, but reality become better. Therefore I repeated this combination. Puppy's names are still from name of roses, just the same captivating, beatiful and excellent.

Puppies, 5 dogs, 3 bitches, black-white:

SARA INT SE DK NO CH NORDJV-08 NORDV-08,Duches Montebello Smartness BIS puppy, BIS wystawy specjalnej oraz BOB Nord Winner Show Danmark; Farmarens Beardies family
LADY Double Delight Smartness - JChPl. 3 x Zwycięzca Młodzieży; family pet
DUSZI Duches D'Albe Smartness - family pet.
SKIPPER SE DK CH Double Happy Smartness; SE, DK CH - Double Happy Beardies
DAFFY Discovery Smartness JChPl, 3 x CWC, 1 x CACIB, 2 x Najlepszt Pies w Rasie, 1 x Zwycięzca Rasy, v-ce Zwycięzca Europy'2008.
DREAM Dream Weaver Smartness JChPl. 3 x Zwycięzca Młodzieży, 2 x CWC, 2 x Zwycięzca Rasy; family pet.
DUC Duc De Constantine Smartness - family pet.
DOVE Dove Smartness - family pet

C born 25.03.2006
M: INT JPL PL CH Born To Be Smart Of Slavic Charm
F: INT PL DK DE Club-VDH CH Bundessieger, World Veteran Winner Saudade De Shaleemar

Puppies, 5 dogs, 4 bitches, black-white:

PRINCESS Crown Princess Margereta Of Smartness - Młodzieżowy Champion Polski, Champion Polski, zaczęty interchampionat i championat Czech i Węgier; HD A; stay at home.
CHERRY Cherry Parfait Of Smartness - Młodziezowy Champion Polski, Champion Polski, na ukończeniu interchampionat, zaczęte championaty Słowacji i Czech; HD - A, Amberose beardies base.
RAFI City Of London Smartness - Junior Champion of Poland, PL Champion, Interchampion, begin championats Ostria and Czech; ; HD - A, is living with Z Domu Etny dogs
MORIS Celtic Pride Of Smartness - Junior Champion of Poland, PL Champion, Interchampion, Champion Hungary, Poland Winner Winner Champion of Champions, begin Ostria, Chrwacja, Litva CH, Cruft's Qualification; HD - A,
SMART Cherish Haritage Of Smartness - Junior Polish Champion, Polish Champion, sterted interchampionat DOGOTERAPHEUTA!
CONTI Contessa Cartlita Of Smartness - family pet
MASZA Charming Quinn Bee Of Smartness - family pet
CARLOS Come New Dawn Of Smartness - family pet
CRIMSON Crimson Floorshow Of Smartness - family pet

B born 06.09.2005
M: JPL PL CH Smartness De Shaleemar
F: INT DE Club-VDH CH Bundessieger, Club-VDH Winner Moonhill Philemon Choice

Puppies, 1 dog, 2 bitches, black-white:
Ballede To The Moon - Egida Ateny Beardies
Beauty Moonlight Soarkle - Moonlight Sparkle Beardies
Brilliant Moon - family pet.
A born 03.07.2004
M: JPL PL CH Smartness De Shaleemar
F: INT PL DK DE Club-VDH CH Bundessieger, World Veteran Winner Saudade De Shaleemar

Szczenięta, 3 dogs, black-white:
All About Porthos

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