In Germany (Dusseldorf), 1st of April has been born puppies, mom is sister to my lovely Dodo and my Great LaPerla and Lindor's daughter, the sweet girl who won tittel European Winner in 2018. Father is imp. from Finland CH. Memorylane Domino Dancing, here AmmyLee and her newborn babies:

If you interested, do not hestide contact with Anna, some are available:
tel +4915208668288 e-mail:

Ania i jej dziewczynki na Facebook



Good news with the beginning of the year. Bella is expecting her newest puppies. Pregnancy is confirmed. If you are curious, I invite you to the website Expected litter, middle of February 2019


Happy New Year!

The end of the year, the last day, I feel obliged to update the website, especially for the victories in the show rings, because these have a "tangible proof", and there were a lot of them, and reason to enjoy, to congratulate, and be proud. I am happy to put all at the page shows
I am proud and I am very happy with every news, every information about the fact that dogs are happy, that they run with you, play with lifeguards, help, and are great friends. On this last day of the year, I would like to thank the whole Family Smartness, each one of you separately and all together, because we are creating a wonderful group, and this experience was given to me very much this year. This is the greatest Our Victory!

Let the 2019th be full of joy and achievement, made to measure and according to wishes and dreams! Have fun, win, enjoy every day, and shaggy friens makes it even better!



12.10.2018 BIG, very succesfull for my breding day, for all my Smartness family, because tittle EUROPEAN WINNER goes to my breeding bitch JCHPL JCHDE PURE LADY SMARTNESS (open class), own. Anny Wasilewskiej, she gained last cert (CWC) for Polish Champion tittle, !!! with EUROPEAN WINNER she gained CACIB, Best Bitch and BOS... Congratulations!!! Big Bravo!!!

res.CACIB, goes to Morgana - JPLCH PLCH GrandPLCH MORGENGRUSS SMARTNESS, wł. Iwony Giczeli, second best bitch, which won champion class, and nasmed unofficial V-ce EUROPEAN WINNER!!! Bravo!!!

Second place in champion class was for Sara's (MultiCH DUCHESS MONTEBELLO SMARTNESS) daughter - Farmarens All In! Very happy day!!!

I was not albe participate at those show, even Lindor was entered. I had a car crash... and it refuse me from show :-( , he had a chance to win... his daughter won European Winner tittle and she is very like daddy... but... just a car crash...

All entered to this show were excellent! Great!
I am full of pride and hapiness... thank you to all which showed my breeding dogs so beatifully, and at the same time were with me and were my help and my big lovely family. Thank you - is not enough... Smartness Family - You are THE BEST!!!


Puppies are born!

10.09.2018 Sally gave birth 1 girl and 4 boys, all black and white. Father is Maliow, CH. Grand Finale Smartness. If you are interesting, please go to my puppy site, Current Litter and to blogg. Welcome : Click on link "X"




judge: Mrs. Karen Edwards/UK

  • Lay-La NAOMI Smartness, own. Anna Wasilewska/DE, (champoin class) CAC, BEST BITCH, CLUB WINNER! , Congratulations!!!
  • Amy-Lee PURE LADY Smartness, own. Anna Wasilewska, (open class), exc.1! Bravo!


    judge: Marek Czerniakowski
  • PURE GOLD Smartness, open class, exc.1, CWC, BEST BITCH, BEST OF BREED!
  • SOLEI Smartness, junior class, exc.1. JUNIOR WINNER!
  • SOMETHINK SPECIAL Smartness, own.. Ewa Stęposz, junior class, exc.1. JUNIOR WINNER, BEST JUNIOR!

    Very nice day, full of succeses, I am so happy and proud!!! .

  • 07.06.2018







    News from the show rings and new champions at Smartness family

    I am very proud of so many beardies and their owners, with big pleasyre I announce their succeses:
    At previous few months fulfeel rules for champoin tittle:



    and now, follow me to see some shows succes of Smartness beardie:

    03.06.2018 International Show Leszno PRESTIGE CACIB

    • bitch, SOLEI Smartness, junior class - exc.1, JCAC, Best Junior
    • dog, SOMETHING SPECIAL Smartness, wł. Ewa Stęposz , junior class, exc.1, JCAC!

    26 i 27.05.2018 National Show Ustka 2 x CAC

      bitch, TALLULAH Smartness, wł. Ewa Janus, junior class
    • Wystawa krajowa 1, 2, 3, 9 i 10. Grupy FCI, judge Andrzej Kaźmierski - exc.1, JCAC, Best Junior
    • Wystawa Krajowa FCI, judge Barbara Larska - exc.1, JCAC, CACIB, Best Junior, BOB

    12.05.2018 International show ŁÓDŹ CACIB

    • bitch MORGENGRUSS Smartness, wł. Iwona Giczelachampion class - exc.1, CWC, CACIB, Best Bitch, BOS! Gained GRAND CHSAMPION PL! Bravo!!!

    • bitch ICE PRINCESS Smartness, wł. Beata Miśkiewicz, open class - exc.1, CWC, res.CACIB, fulfeel CHAMPION POLSKI rules! Congratulations!
    • bitch PURE LADY Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska intermediate class - exc.1, CWC! fulfeel CHAMPION POLSKI rules! Congratulations!

    28.04.2018 International show Opole CACIB

    • bitch NAOMI Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska champion class - exc.1! CWC!
    • bitch PURE LADY Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska open class - exc.1, Złoty Medal, CWC! CACIB! Best Bitch, BOS

    08.04.2018 International show Warszawa CACIB

    • dog I BELIEVE IN YOU Smartness, wł. Anna Kurek champion class - exc.1, CWC, CACIB, Best dog, BOB!
    • bitch SALET Smartness, wł. Małgorzata Szmajdzińska junior class - exc.1, Zwycięzca Młodzieży! Best Junior!
    • bitch MORGENGRUSS Smartness, wł. Iwona Giczela champion class - exc.1, CWC, CACIB! Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex!

    21.01.2018 International show Lubin CACIB

    • bitch NAOMI Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska open class - exc.1! CWC, res.CACIB!
    • bitch PURE LADY Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska intermediate class - exc.1, CWC, CACIB, Best Bitch! BOB!!!


    • bitch NAOMI Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska open class - exc.2! res.VDH!
    • bitch PURE LADY Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska junior class - exc.1, JVDH! GERMAN JUNIOR WINNER!

    05.08.2017 Special show BREMEN CAC / Niemcy

    • bitch NAOMI Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska intermediate class - exc.1! CAC/VDH!
    • bitch PURE LADY Smartness, wł. Anna Wasilewska junior class - exc.1, JCAC/JVDH! BEST JUNIOR!

  • 24.12.2017

    Christmas 2018

    Christmas, Christmas, a time of fulfilling promises and dreams. I wish you all the best for this beautiful Christmas, that dreams come true, that it would be a time of joy and rest, time for loved and the most important ones.
    A lot happens to me for Christmas time, it was Christmas for 1981, I got my first dog, the most beloved Cora, it was Christmas 2010 when went to a Haven my beloved, dreamed Booogie, but also 4 years ago Lindor was born for me, and a year later my Nanette became my Christmas gift ...
    This year, I am very pleased to announce that Bella and Lindor will be parents at the end of January (planned birth on 31/01/2018)! Pregnancy is already confirmed. I know that are some people for whom this highly awaited message is :-) So let your wishes be fulfilled :-) It's nice to share, but to share even better :-)



    All puppies from litters S and T already have their new, lovely families. Time to dream about next "U" litter :-) My Bella, CH.HowkeyeBelle Smartness should came in to season soon. Hope my plans will work. I have three very interesting options, with hope for a beatiful puppies.
    Next "W" litter is planned at second part of 2018, from my Sally CH.Farmarens New Gossip (imp.SE). If you are interested, please write me about.




    • PURE Gold Smartness (9,5 m) junior class, exc 1, Junior Winner (=JCAC), Best Junior, BOS , at final competitionj BIS - Junior among 6 best from groups I, V, VI, X.
    • CH Roxilyn Christmas Truffle, champion class, exc.1, CWC, CACIB, BOB



    New Year and new good news. My brown sweet boy are going to have a date :-) Puppies should come at the end of March 2017. More about Lindor at his page LINDOR about girl - more information latter however she is a Smartness girl :-). If you are interested, please call to me (+48) 515689403



    Actually I have puppies from two litters. First litter gave birth LaPerla - CH.Glamis Castle Smartness 26.05.2016, 11 puppies, 5 black and 6 brown. More about on web-part PUPPIES, and on her blogg CLICK HERE

    Toffifee - MłZwPL ZwPl MłCHPL CHPL Eden Smartness gave birth puppies 11.06.2016. 9 puppies, 4 black 6 browns. More about on web-part PUPPIES and just about those litter on blogg made for Toffifee's kids click here

    Father for both litters is CH. Roxilyn Christmas Truffle LINDOR.

    It is last puppy-time for LaPerla and probably for Toffifee too. My breeding plans, idea and more… you can find on PUPPIES



    My beloved LaPerla - CH. Glamis Castle Smartness gave birth 11 pups! 26.05.2016 were borm black, blue and brown puppes. More information on Blogg (you can use translateo on)

    CH Glamis Castle Smartness x CH Roxilyn Christmas Truffle puppies

    Toffifee, my one in a milion :-) - CH Eden Smartness whelped her babies 11.06.2016, 9 pups, 4 lack, 5 browns, welcome on her blog CH Eden Smartness x CH Roxilyn Christmas Truffle puppies

    Welcome everyone who are interested. Some puppies are available. I am looking for people who want give them best live, who looking for ther true friend, however they are a quality dogs for shows and other activties.



    I am happy nform you that long waited litters just come! 17.10.2015 - Merci - CH First Lady Smartness gave birth ma 9 puppies, 4 dogs & 5 bitches, all black with white markings. Proud father is Lindor, imp. GB - JCHPL Roxilym Christmas Truffle.
    22.10.2015 - Sally whelped 8 black and white babies, 4 girls, 4 boys, all perfectly marked. If you are interested puppy from me, but other bitch, please do not hestde visit PLANOWANE MIOTY and contact to me. Current litters have each one own blogg which are updated quite often, as much as is pissible :-) - more then welcome!

    Blogg MERCI and her babies. born 17.10.2015

    Blogg SALLY and her babies, born 22.10.2015


    Time to update some events

  • Shows 2015 updated, others - soon :-)
  • Lindor - JCHPL Roxilyn Christmas Truffle updated!
  • Gallery page is working :-)
  • Litter plans updated.
  • March 15, 2015 I had the pleasure to pick up another, SILVER Honour Order of the Polish Kennel Club for outstanding achievements in breeding . every day I'm happy when my culture, my beloved dogs are almost unrecognizable as the appearance and behavior of the people cooperating with me, what sort of greater pride and the joy can be if in my breedng I reached what intended to?
    Now another confirmation of this by Kennel Club regulations badge. But it is a prize and the obligation to doing what I do even better. Thank you to my Poznań Kennel Club department for nomination, Thank you to Main Kennel Club for its approval. With pride I will own this medal for the next years, wanting to not disappoint the trust.

  • 08.03.2015 Internatioale Show Drzonkow / CACIB
    - judge Małgorzata Hałas/PL - Lindor, Roxilyn Christmas Truffle - next Junior Winner and Best Junior in Breed tittles to collection :-) he is already JPLCH, but show him is a ery big pleasure and pride. He is suh a lovely boy, my boy :-)
  • 01.03.2015 Champions Show Leszno 2015
    - show only for champions. Lindor, Roxilyn Christmas Truffle gained his first CAC and Best of Breed. This CAC is not allowed for championship, because of his age, 14 months old, however, is nice gained it. I am so proud of him, he behaved nicely, and show by show we cooperate much better.
  • 05.04.2015


    All the best wishes at those lovely time. Easter, time to refresh english version :-) In few days some news will come.


    Merry Christmas!

    Let them bring joy and peace, sometimes solace however motivation to act too, do not miss anything what recals smile on your faces! Christmas carrying joy and hope, so let this happens :-)


    Puppies are 5 weeks old!

    Puppies growing very well, time going soo fast, they are 5 weeks old now!, most of them already have their new families, only one brown, lovely&sweet girl is available. Welcome to gallery of 5 weeks old puppies


    Smartness Puppies

    Bella, CH. Howkeye Belle Smartness gave birth 6 puppies, 5 browns and one black :-) big surprice at Smartness family :-) welcome on puppy page.


    Show succeses

    21.09.2014 r. Club Show Pastoral Breeds wothout polish, Sweedish judge - Johnny Andersson, First Lady Smartness (Merci) become CLUB WINNER CC and Best Opossite sex. Best Of Breed gained 10 months old young gentelman KEEP SMILING Smartness (Bender), son of Princess and Harry (litter K), entered to junior class become JUNIOR CLUB WINNER, FIRST "TICKET" TO JUNIOR CHAMPION TITTLE. Bravo Doroty, his owner, you did wery well! :-)
    My chockolate truffle - LINDOR - imported from GB - Roxylin Christmas Truffle was best puppy in breed, too young participate in junior class :-) he did very well, and gained quite a lot of fans :-) .

    27.09.2014 r. Internationale Show Wroclaw, judge Andrzej Tyburzyl/PL, here was entered only LINDOR, Roxilin Christmas Truffle to junior class, he won and gained his first, big Junior CAC as JUNIOR WINNER and BEST JUNIOR, it was his first step to Junior Polish Champion tittle. I am very glad of him, thanksgiving to Karen Edwards, his breeder to let me him to own.


    EASTER 2014

    Healthy, nice, calm and sunny Easter would be the charm and enchantment of these Christmas remained in our hearts for a long time to dreams come true by building hope for the next meet :-) :-)

    Festive, greeting Happy, Happy Easter


    New litte, brown Hope :-)

    Time passes, pass some occasions, others are coming, and dreams are and should be, and are there to meet them. From the end of January, I went to the UK to choose a one of them :-)

    For now, little brown, shaggy boy is still with his mother and siblings, and soon join my little family, and will receive the best lessons from Uncle Greg.

    This time, for the first time in my kennel, though not in life, is a chocolate color, and received another sweet name Lindor as exclusive Lindt Lindor chocolates.

    More pictures, videos, information about Lindor soon :-) For now I can only add that his pedigree is full of wonderful animals and lines completely not associated with the mine, as well as a majority of Beardie present in Europe and the world.     


    Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku 2014!

    farewell 2013 year, I wish you all the sun in your heart, a smile on every day, all prosperity and health to enjoy life!



    Merry Christmas to all my friends and visitors, lot's of happiness, health and dreams which come true :-)

    Christmas evening

    Christmas Day first

    More about puppies here: PUPPIES


    Puppies are born

    8th of November born 10 puppies, black and white, 5 boys and 5 girlsMom and babies are fine. Welcome on my gallery

    Litter K - birthday
    Indyvidual photos of puppies, day 2

    For news about puppies look at PUPPIES


    Dream Weaver with Agnieszka Dogtrekking winners!

    FIRST place in the family category of dogtrekking! At home is called "Dream", for me, remembered as "heart in the litter," today has a short haircut, and trains with his family running with their dog. As a young graduate Polish Junior Champion, then Polish Champion, and somehow it is not problem :-) Agnieszka Bravo, bravo for the whole family! I overwhelmed!


    News from Great Britain - Lincoln Best Puppy at Doncaster

    Lincoln - Just Brilliant for Roxilyn Smartness who is living in Great Britain at

    ROXILYN Bearded Collies, next time mdae happy Karen Edwards by his winning Best Puppy at SCBCC Open Show at Doncaster, judge: George Pope (Medmerry). Great news! Thanksgiving to judge for such nice distinction. Thank you Karen! Well done! Congratulations!!!


    News from Great Britain - Just Brilliant for Roxilyn Smartness - Best In Match!!!

    What a little star, Lincoln, Just Brilliant for Roxilyn Smartness won Best Puppy in Match and Best in Match at his very first show. So proud of this handsome boy. :-) His owner, Karen Edwards, Roxilyn/GB, Love him to bits :-) and he is giving back a lot! Thank you Karen, well done! Congratulations!!!


    Princess become mamma!

    6th of September 2013 roku Princess has a date with Harry, CH Nobility Mr. Harry Brown. Pregnancy is confirmed. Welcome to PUPPIES, added information about future, planned litters.


    2 x BIS BABY for Roxana!

    31.08.2013 53 Nationale Show Psów Rasowych - Roxana Ice Quinn Smartness, first time in a show ring, she and her owner - Mrs Joanna!
    Roxana gained under Paweł Boniecki excellent: very promissing and Best baby in Breed. On the same show she becomeBEST BABY in Show!!!

    01.09.2013 III Nationale Pastoral Breed show, Tomas Rohlin, overjoyed by Roxana, giving her very promissing and Best baby in Breed :-), it was not end, Mrs. Lisbeth Campbell/NO choosed her as - BEST IN SHOW Baby!!!

    I am sooo happy and proud! Congratulations to owners and cuddles to Roxana :-)


    Mailow - German Winner!!!

    Internationale CACIB Shows in Leipzig. Mailow - CH. Grand FInale Smartness was entered first time to open class.
    Result: Saturday: Open Class Male: V 2; Sunday: Open Class Male: V 1 and CACIB and Titel: GERMAN WINNER 2013 (with this titel he can start in Champion Class it is like "Bundessieger" titel in Dortmund) . Mailow fullfeeled all conditions for beeing GERMAN CHAMPION VDH and GERMAN CHAMPION CLUB! Mailow yesterday was only 2 years and 5 month old!
    I'm so prout about him, and happy of my decission - move him to Hanne Wolf - Thank you Hanne for his lovely, family, full of love life!


    Puppy plans!

    Puppy pland are updated, welcome in section of - Planned litter


    Luna (Gracious Lady Smartness) herding dog!

    Today morning I got a supper info from Iwona and Krzysztof Sałata, that Luna and her friend Fibi pass herding exam HWT! Year ago she pass this exam as a junior! All the best darlings! I'm keeping fingers for your future competition! Judge was from France and was happy to see them how happy they are at herding, and with how big fun they did it! He was impressed by their smartm inteligence and freerly fun at this job :-) Thank you!!! I am sooo proud!


    Ticks, fleas, moscitos...

    The article, sorry, only in polish, at polish version advice/stories - O Beardie - porady

    However, is good to know what PACZULA can do and how it can help us :-) - "Na kłopoty z insektami"


    Totti - Best bitch in Sopot!

    Internationale show, Totti - Her Majesty Smartness, excellent, CWC, CACIB! Bravo Mrs Anna! Congratulations!

    homeweb of Totti and her family


    Puppies - new photo of Jasper

    Photos of Jasper, son of Toffifee and Basie - Jasper Smartness


    Sucess on internationale show in Warsza

    judge: Katarzyna Fiszdon/PL
    MERCI - JCHPL PLCH Mł.Zw.Klubu Zw.Klubu First Lady Smartness - CACIB, Best Of Breed!
    SALLY - JCHPL Farmarens New Gossip - CWC and res.CACIB! and by that she finished way to Polish Beauty Champion!


    Good news from internationale show in Szczecin

    judge: J.Gajewski/PL
    La Perla - JCHPL JW of Poland Glamis Castle Smartness (open class) - CWC, res.CACIB! - and fulfeel rules to Polish Beauty Champion!
    her sister LUNA - Gracious Lady Smartness was second in open class with excellent, Bella - JCHPL Howkeye Belle Smartness excellent too, second in intermediate class.


    Displasia results - 2 x HD-A!

    Today were x-rayed two of mine bitches - LaPerla (Glamis Castle Smartness) and Sally (Farmarens New Gossip), both got best result - HD-A, I am over then happy!


    Wonderfull show and meeting in Wroclaw!

    judge: Mrs. Brenda Banbury/GB
    La Perla - JCHPL Mł.Zw.Polski Glamis Castle Smartness (open class) - CWC! - it is second CAC for Polish Beauty Champion.
    BELLA - JCHPL Howkeye Belle Smartness (intermediate class) - CWC - now she has two CAC, and... for polish beauty champion tittle she ust wait 6 months :-)
    SALLY - JCHPL was only as an cmpanion, however, Mrs. Brenda Banbury really liked her and was a little disappointed, that she was not in the ring. I am so proud of my little Sally :-)
    Special thanks go to Ms. Anna Pulikowski-Klimonda, as well as the organizers for inviting me to this wonderful event, a wonderful evening with the event Midsummer Night's beautiful fenced and covered with beautiful grass field!



    Greg's page - Int PL DK VDH-DE Club-DE CH Bundessieger Dortmund World Veteran Winner Saudade De Shaleemar.

    added to litters web data about litter in Egida Ateny kennel


    Kid's day

    All children smartness I hope that this day was a joyful, full of positive emotions and sensations, let it be full of surprises, wagging tails and smiling of Beardies and human!

    Kid's Day gallery


    PUPPIES names - litters I and J

    Welcome to Smartness gallery


    PUPPIES - new gallery

    Puppies gallery: MERCI - CH First Lady Smartness Merci's pups - 1 week

    Puppies gallery: TOFFIFEE - CH Eden Smartness Toffifee's pups - 1 week


    PUPPIES - Spring 2013

    Photo gallery of TOFFIFEE's puppies - CH Eden SmartnessToffifee's puppies 2 days old

    Photo gallery of MERCI - CH First Lady Smartness Merci's puppies 3 days old


    Easter 2013

    Healthy and Happy Easter Holidays! May the hope and joy of these days, letr's bring what is a promise
    My Easter holidays are very special, the puppies which were born in a Great Thursday and Friday brought big joy and spring to my heart.
    Happy Easter to All!


    Puppy time is expected at Easter Time

    In the middle of January my girls started seasons, Merci and Toffifee two weeks latter had a their date. Merci - CH. First Lady Smartness with my beloved Greg - CH. Saudade De Shaleemar, Toffifee - CH. Eden Smartness met Basie - CH. Basie of Slavic Charm, lovely boy, my Bounty's brother, father of few georgeous babies. At the end of March, just on Easter Time I hope to have puppy time :-)


    Mailow Rheinlandsieger and Club Winner BCCD

    Great news from Germany! During the last weekend, JVDH JBCCD CH Grand Finale Smartness - Mailing wowed the judges and won a place of honor!

  • On Saturday 08/09/2012 at an exhibition in Krefeld, Judge Mr Deutscher from Austria
    Mailow was in the intermediate class got exc.1 CAC, Best Male, and the title of "Rheinlandsieger"
  • On Sunday, the German Bearded Collie Club Show (BCCD), the judge was Mr. Anthony Burscough with GB (Kennel Kilfinan GB), reported 56 Bearded Collie
    Mailow was in the intermediate class won exc.1 CAC (double CAC - Clubshow), the title of Best Male and "Clubsieger BCCD" and BEST IN SHOW!

    I can not describe how happy and proud I am! He is loved, pampered, and in return would do anything for Hanne and her family ask him! Hanne Thank you! Visit him here :-)

  • 08.09.2012

    Success at the National Dog Show in Warsaw

    National Dog Show in Warsaw with success! Judge - Dorothy Paź, Heart 'N' Soul Smartness won junior class today, gained Junior Winner, Best Junior and Best of Breed winner! as an 9 months old boy! Congratulations Caroline! A wonderful result!


    Nationale Show Gdynia 15.07.2012

    Mała Mi - Gracious Lady Smartness - intermediate class, was excellent, gained CAC Bravo Iwonka! Congratulations!


    Internationale show Warsaw 8.07.2012

    Mała Mi - Glamour Smartness - intermediate class, judge Waldemar Mrowiec/PL, gave her CAC, CACIB and Best Bitch Tittle! Bravo Lidka! Congratulations!

    Soul "N" Heart Smartness - puppy class, gained very promissing with Best Puppy Tittle II puppy-BIS!!! Bravo Karolina! Congratulations!


    Germany-Rassehunde-Meeting Schlos Meisdorf 7-8 July

    Toffifee - Eden Smartness- entered at open class, first day, judged by Mrs.Timmy Ursula Ralfe (ZA), gained res.CAC and res.VDH. Second day, judged by Mrs.Michele Colborn (ZA) gained CAC and VDH! and by that she start way to German club and nationale championship.


    Nationale Show Gorzów Wlkp

    Sally - Farmarens New Gossip - in junior class, gained Junior Winner and Best Junior tittles! By that she fulfell rules for Polish Junior Champion! tittle. My little, love and smart! is so nice to handle her in the ring :-)
    At the same dy was shown two Greg's daughters. In open class Margo z Morasiowej Zagrody, breed&own. Anny Bochyńskiej, She gained CWC, Best Bitch and BOB! Bravo! Congratulations Aniu!
    At Baby class - Chocolate Dream Under Egida Ateny, got very promissing grade and Best Baby tittle :-) nice handled by breed&own. Anetę Jańczyk. Bravo!


    Dogoteraphy by Beardie :-)

    Today, on Saturday 30/06/2012 beloved Toffifee - JPLCH PLCH JPLW PLW Eden smartness very nicely passed the examination on the dog running in dogotherapy. The exam was not easy, simulated was to work with a child with Down syndrome. Tofcia responded wonderfully, lovely worked, and all examiner said that with her, and such a guide dog and would like to work! everything before us, we want to do it!


    Is a wonderful feeling of helping people, kids who need and want. Beardie in this work is fantastic :-) Me too, along with her managed to complete one-year course and pass this demanding exam of the Guide Dog working in Dogotherapy, organized by the Foundation "The Little dog Susan" in cooperation with Psia Wachta.

    Thanks for all the group leaders, for all which make possible the practices, and the whole group of PPP, because it was great to meet you and be with you. There's a lot we could teach each other!


    Leszno, nternationale show

    • Luna - Gracious Lady Smartness, own. Iwona Sałata - Junior Winner, Best Junior, Najlepszy Junior. I am so prout of both Luna, and owners, they are lovely family, making for her a happy life. Thank you for lovely show presentation! It was last junior winner tittle, then she become Polish Junior Champion! Bravo!!!
    • Choco - Chocolate Dream under Egida Ateny, own. Aneta Kosakowska, Egida Ateny - baby class, very promissing, Best Baby! Congratulations Anetka! Greguś has next, lovely daughter, the brown this time! :-) .
    Thank you to judge, Anna Kochan for such good result!

    Leszno, wystawa międzynarodowa

    • Bella - Howkeye Belle Smartness - klasa szczeniąt, ocena wybitnie obiecująca, Najlepsze Szczenię. Jestem dumna z mojej najmłodszej dziewczynki, bowiem w ringu już kolejny raz pokazała się przeslicznie, biegła ładnie, jakby wiedziała że to ring... tylko skąd? cecha genetycznie przekazywana? hi hi hi
    • Sally - Farmarens New Gossip - klasa młodziezy, Zwycięzca Młodzieży, Najlepszy Junior. Jak zawsze, choc w innych sytuacjach rozumku uzywa do dowcipów, tu była bardzo, bardzo grzeczna i ślicznie sie pokazała.
    Podziękowania dla sędziny Ligity Zake/LV, za miłe siędziowanie i przyznanie kolejnego Zw.Mł dla Sally.

    Magdeburg, Germany, Nationale Show

    • Mailow - Grand Finale Smartness - co-own, lovin' and live with Hanne Wolf (X´Perience Bearded Collies). Junior Class exc.1, CAC/VDH with BOB and BIS!!! Thank you to judge, Mrs. K. Selle/DE for such great result! Thank you Hanne! You making me happy! Congratulations! Now Mailow is German Junior Champion

    Dortmund, Niemcy, Europassieger & British Dog Festival
    Merci - JPLCH PLCH JZwKlubu First Lady Smartness - klasa otwarta.

    • Dortmund - EUROPESSIEGER, sędzia C.Parker/UK - ocena doskonała
    • BRITISH DOG FESTIVAL, sędzia J. Lewis/UK - dosk.2, res. CAC/res.VDH, RESERVE CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE! czym uzyskała prawo do wpisu do angielskiej ksiegi hodowlanej! (przyznawany na tej wystawie Challenge Certificate/CC jest ważnym wnioskiem na championa Anglii)

    Sally - Farmarens New Gossip - klasa młodziezy
    • Dortmund - EUROPESSIEGER, sędzia C.Parker/UK - ocena doskonała, lokata 4
    • BRITISH DOG FESTIVAL, sędzia J. Lewis/UK - ocena bardzo dobra, z pięknym opisem, jeszcze w rozwoju, co należy przyznać otwarcie :-).

    Mailow - Grand Finale Smartness (współwłasność - Hanne Wolf, Niemcy)- klasa młodzieży.
    • Dortmund - EUROPESSIEGER, sędzia C.Parker/UK - ocena doskonała, lokata 4
    • BRITISH DOG FESTIVAL, sędzia J. Lewis/UK - dosk.1, CAC/VDH, RESERVE CHALLENGE CERTIFICATE! drugi tego dnia dla mojej hodowli! Hanne dziękuję! Jest dokładnie tak jak wymarzyłam sibie jego życie, kochany w domu i piękny na wystawach! Super!

    MAILOW - Grand Finale Smartness, współwł. Hannelane Wolf/DE
    29.04.2012 - Lingen - wystawa międzynarodowa, wygrał w klasie młodzieży z oceną doskonałą! (JCAC,JVDH). To już druga jego doskonała ocena.
    Ponieważ wynik badania w kierunku dysplazji jest HD-A (zdrowy), oczy - MDR - czyste, zgryz prawidłowy, jądrra prawidłowe - uzyskał prawo do wpisu na listę reproduktorów w Niemczech "Körklasse I", czyli doskonały reproduktor!. Dziękuję Hanne, bo tak pięknie sie nim opiekujesz, tak bardzo kochasz, tym milsze są takie wieści!


    Wieści z ringów wystawowych
    05.05.2012 - Łódź - wystawa międzynarodowa, sędzia Elena Borisova/BLR

    • LaPerla Glamis Castle Smartness klasa młodziezy, dosk.1, Zw.Młodzieży. Ukończyła Polski Championat Młodzieży!
    • Bella Howkeye Belle Smartness klasa baby, wybitnie obiecująca 1, Best Baby - super start dla maludy :-) jej braciszek, Heart "O" Soul Smartness również otrzymał ocenę wybitnie obiecującą z lokatą 1 (piesek). Brawo dla Karoliny, ślicznie mały się pokazał!

    28.04-01.05.2012 CHORWACJA - Zadar 4 x wystawy międzynarodowe. Sędziowie> Monique Van Brempt/B, K.Reisinger/A, John Walsh/IRL, Joan Walsh/IRL.
    • Princess Crown Princess Margareta of Smartness 4 x CAC oraz CACIB (judge J. Walsh), czym uzyskała tytuł Chorwackiego Championa oraz ukończyła interchampionat!
    • Toffefee Eden Smartness res.CAC/res.CACIB i CAC/CACIB (judge K.Reisinger/A), to już 3ci certyfikat na intera :-)
      Była pieknie, cudowny kraj, wspaniałe widoki, sielankowa atmosfera, po prostu - wakacje :-) warto było!

    15.04.2012 Inowrocław - wystawa krajowa. Sedzia G.Robak/PL

    • Sally Farmarens New Gossip klasa młodziezy, dosk.1, Zw.Młodzieży, Najlepszy Junior, Zwycięzca Rasy.

    14.04.2012 Grudziądz - wystawa krajowa. Sędzia B.Klawińska/PL
    • LaPerla Glamis Castle Smartness klasa młodziezy, dosk.1, Zw.Młodzieży, Najlepszy Junior, Zwycięzca Rasy.

    04.03.2012 Drzonków - wystawa krajowa. Sędzia A.Kochan
    • LaPerla Glamis Castle Smartness klasa młodziezy, dosk.1, Zw.Młodzieży, Najlepszy Junior.


    Niech czas wielkanocny utrzyma nasze marzenia w mocy
    i aby wszystkie życzenia okazały się do spełnienia
    i aby nie zabrakło nam wzajemnej życzliwości
    abyśmy przez życie kroczyli w ludzkiej godności
    i niech symbol Boskiego odrodzenia był i dla nas celem do spełnienia. Wesołych świąt.!


    Międzynarodowa wystawa Katowice - Greta - JPLCH PLCH CRCH Fascination Smartness (CH.Born To Be Smart Of Slavic Charm; CH. Farmarens Give Me Five) wystapiła w klasie championów, otrzymała ocenę doskonłą, lokatę pierwszą, certyfikaty na championa CWC oraz CACIB, otrzymała tytuły Najlepszej dorosłej suki w rasie oraz Zwycięzcy Rasy! Gratulacje dla Agnieszki Kak, właścicielki ślicznej Grety!


    21.02.2012 odeszła od nas, a dołączyła do mojej kochanej Bounty jej mama, śliczna Cassie - Delightful Cassie z Mondeo

    Młodzieżowy Champion Polski, Champion Polski, Niemiec, Słowacji i Czech, Klubowy Champion Niemiec i Słowacji, Champion Międzynarodowy.
    Zwycięzca Klubu Polski'99, Zwycięzca Klubu Węgier'00, Zwycięzca Klubu Słowacji'01, VDH-Europassieger (NIemcy)'00, v-ce Zwycięzca Europy'00, Westfalensieger'01, BIS Weteran Katowice 2009

    Była dla mnie i nadal pozostaje suczką bardzo szczególną, którą kochałam jak swoją własną, która dała mi nie tylko moją Bounty, ale też przyjaźń Ani, i wiele, wiele cudownych uczuć. Wierzę, że będzie mi dane jeszcze spotkać ją kiedyś, tak jak i inne moje kochane psy, które nadal żyją w moim sercu i pamięci. Choć nie mieszkała ze mną, tak bardzo mi jej brak :-(


    Skipper - SEUCH DKUCH Double Happy Smartness 4-tym, najlepszym psem w Szwecji!

    Cudowna wiadomość nadeszła od Skippera - SEUCH DKUCH Double Happy Smartness. W rankingu szwedzkim wystaw uplasował się na 4-tym miejscu! To ogromny sukces! Wspaniała wiadomość, napełnia mnie radością i dumą! Podziękowania i gratulacje dla Tiny! więcej o Skipperku na stronie domowej hodowli "Doble Happy"


    Szczenięta - Greg kolejny raz tatusiem

    Greg - Wet.World Win Bundessieger PL VDHDE ClDE DK CH Saudade De Shaleemar kolejny raz soatał tatusiem siedmiorga ślicznych, brązowych i czarnych szczeniąt. Maluszki powiła Jolly - MłPLCH PLCH Farmarens Just Jolly w hodowli "Egida Ateny"


    Nationale show in Gdynia/PL 15.01.2012

    Luna - Gracious Lady Smartness - junior class, exc.1, unior winner, Best Junior! Bravo! Congratulations to owners!


    Puppies from Litter "H" are 6 weeks old

    Puppy gallery on 6 weeks of age, welcome :-)

    Photos of puppies "H" - 6 weeks old


    New Year 2012

    To all Smartness Beardies owners, all my friends and sympathetic observers, visitors of my website and blog,

    all the best for this coming New Year 2012, that was a year of success, achievement goals, fulfilled dreams, and won at every your field of action,

    Let to be better than the previous one, where the worries will be just "salt" for the days full of joy and love, to anything and anyone in you do not run!


    Puppies litter "H" are 4 weeks old

    New photo gallery of puppies 4 weeks old, welcome :-)

    Photos of puppies "H" - 4 weeks old



    The whole world tunes into joy
    the day of the birth of Christ.
    So I send warm wishes,
    Always fresh but eternal:
    health, happiness and joy
    Let little Jezus gives you.


    Puppies come to the world!

    On Thursday, 24 November 2011 Princess - Princess Margareta CH.Crown Of smartness gave birth 9 beautiful, black and white puppies. 4 boys and 5 girls, beautifully marked. We all feel good, babies drink mother's milk, and Princess is making beautifully in her role. Soon, also on the blog for more information.
    Blog Princessy



    • Breeding section began updating the English version of my website. I invite you to page views. Soon will be updadted all.
    • Updated puppies section current and planned litters.


    Poznań - internationale show (CACIB) POLAND WINNER

    Entered were Toffifee and LaPerla. Judge: Jaroslav Matyas/SK

    • JPL PL CH, JZw.Polski Eden Smartness (Toffifee) - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, best Bitch, POLAND WINNER, Crufts Qualification.
    • Glamis Castle (LaPerla) - VP (very promissing) 1, Best Puppy in breed

    Thank you to judge Mr Jaroslav Matyas, because make this day so happy fro me.
    Toffifee gained last CAC toPolish Champion! tittle :-)


    Poznań - internationale show (CACIB)

    Entered were Merci and Sally. Judge: Anna Pulikowska-Klimonda/PL

    • JPL PL CH, JZw.Klubu, Bundessieger Tulln'2011 First Lady Smartness (Merci) - exc.1, CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch
    • Farmarens New Gossip (Sally) - VP (very promissing) 1, Best Puppy in breed

    Sincerelly thank you to Mrs Anna Pulikowska-Klimonda, for such nice judging. Next CACIB making me so happy, Merci is more close to intechampion tittle :-)


    Princess is pregnant, pregnancy is confirmed by USG!

    Puppies are expected 23-24.11.2011. more info about soon on puppy web, and on blog - My Crown Princess Margareta, is in polish, however, you can take on google translator tool.


    Fascination Smartness - Champion of Poland!
    16.10.2011 Nationale show in Częstochowa, judge: Andrzej Zamoyski / PL

    Greta JCHPL Fascination Smartness become Polish Champion, owned and loved by Agnieszka Kak, gained CWC and by that she fulfil rules for polish beaty champion tittle! Bravo Agnieszka! I am so happy and proud!


    Merci BUNDESSIEGER TULLN 2011 winner!
    25.09.2011 International show Bundessieger Tulln, judge: Edy Dijkstra-Blum, USA

    Merci JCHPL, CHPL, JClub Winner, Douch Club Winner'2011 First Lady Smartness become BUNDESSIEGER TULLN 2011 winner!, she won intermediate class with CACA, CACIB, Bundessieger Tulln tittle, Crufts Qualification and gained BOB!
    Merci has a great day, start austrian and internationale championships.

    Thank you to judge, she grade my Merci so high, gave me congratulations of this lovely bitch, and great breeding result, making this day was for me full of joy and pride.


    23/24.09.2011 Princess - CH. Crown Princess Margareta had a date with a charming Douglas - CH Dt, VDH, AT, Bundessieger Ramsgrove Roadrunner. Puppies so you can expect the end of November, about 11/23/2011. This matching gives you a chance to cute puppies in all colors :-).


    Best Breeding Group and Bounty - Best Brood Bitch on Pastoral Breeds Club Show in Lodz!

    Pastoral Breeds Club Show without polish in Lodz, judge: Krystyna Szulc (PL),

    • Merci - JCHPl, JZwKlPl First Lady Smartness - intermediate class, exc.1, CAC - fulfill rules for Polish Champion tittle!!!

    Breeding competitions

    • Best Breeding Group (First Lady Smartness, Fascination Smartness, Celtic Pride of Smartness)
    • Best Brood Bitch - Int.Ch. Born To Be Smart Of Slavic Charm (First Lady Smartness, Fascination Smartness, Celtic Pride of Smartness)

    The next day carrying a pleasant experience. Thanksgiving to Smartness Beardies owners who participate at breeding competitions!
    Sincerelly thank you, to Mrs. Krystyna Szulc, she graduate so high my breeding beardies and my Greg's offspring - Dream About Deep and Dream About Dżamila Z Domu Etny become Club Winners! and Deep - Best of Breed!


    Grand Finale Smartness "Mailow" Best Baby on Eropean Show in Holand!
    04.09.2011 CACIB European Show Leeuwarden, Holand, judge: Mr. András Korózs (HU),
    Merci - JCHPl, JZwKlPl First Lady Smartness - intermediate class, exc.1
    Toffifee - JCHPL JZwPL Eden Smartness - open class, exc.1
    Sally - Farmarens New Gossip - vp.2
    Milow - Grand Finale Smartness (co-own. Hannelane Wolf)- Najlepsze baby - vp.1, Best Baby

    The next day carrying a pleasant experience. LIttle, even not small Milow :-) with Hanne presented at ring really nicely, love it :-) really wanted to be the best! Hanne Bravo and thank for the excellent care of this special little one for me :-) Thanksgiving to judge, because this award is very, very important to me.

    Soon gallery from my holiday in Holland :-)


    JCHPl, JZwKlPl First Lady Smartness "Merci" best bitch on Club show in Holland!
    03.09.2011 Kampioensclubmatch Bearded Collie Liefhebbers, judge: Mrs. G. de Wit-Bazelmans (NL),
    Merci - JCHPl, JZwKlPl First Lady Smartness - 2 x CAC, Best Bitch!
    Toffifee - JCHPL JZwPL Eden Smartness - won open class, exc.1
    Sally - Farmarens New Gossip - VP.1, Best Puppy
    LaPerla - Glamis Castle Smartness - VP.1, Best Baby

    Mała Mi - Glamour Smartness - (co-own.Lidka Kacperska) - vp.3

    I am so happy! Thank you to Lidka for her help, and nice showing Little Mi, thanksgiving t judge, she made me happy, and this day will stay at my memory for a long time :-)


    Internationale Shows in Sweden, Ransäter
    30.07.2011 judge: Ruth Thompson. SEUCH DKUCH Double Happy Smartness "Skipper" - Best of Breed, CACIB!
    31.07.2011 judge: Dubravka Reicher. SEUCH DKUCH Double Happy Smartness "Skipper" - Best Of Breed, CACIB!
    Great news from Swedish show rings! Thank you Tina! You are making me so happy and proud!


    Sukcess in Split!
    Greta - Fascination Smartness - own. Agnieszka Kak ( spent show weekend in Split. There were 4 shows. Greta 4 x CAC, 1 x CACINB and BOB! become Croatia Champion!

    Bravo Agnieszko! Jestem very proud of you, my thanksgiving for such lovely gifts!


    Weekend in Henrykowo
    Trip to family, the villiage farm, where are horses, chickens, geese, goats, cats, dogs ... There was taken a final decision about which of the sisters Gramis Castle or Glamour back home and which will stay at this beautiful place.
    Most difficult decision, in the midst of great moments, family, quiet, idyllic ... and how veeery hard ... Little Me (Glamour) stuck to Lidka, helped me decide, showed that she is ready to be with Lidka. Take a look ...Henrykowo 10,11.07.2011
    I back home with Glamis Castle, LaPerla, Dolly for short.


    Nationale Show Ustroń,

    • INT JPL PL VDH Club0VDH H AUS CH Celtic Pride of Smartness/own.P.Dłuciok - champ.class: CWC, Best Dog and Best Of Breed with 3 Best Of Group!
      Congratulations to Monika and Paweł!

    02.07.2011 Puppy site is updated. You can look on, about current, plannded and past Smartness litters.

    25.06.2011 The site has been thoroughly redesigned graphically! I hope that the new layout will be appreciated and that you all like it.
    Full english version soon, if you want visit old version with english welcome to old version


    Internationale show Kraków, judge Christian Karcher (F)

    Greta - Fascination Smartness become Best Bitch! gained CWC, CACIB. Now we can only wait for last CWC (septmber) and we will celebrate Polish Beauty Champion Tittle. Congratulations Agnieszka! I am so proud of you!


    Internationale show Szczecin, judge: Leif Herman Wilberg (N)

    • JCH PL Mł.Zw.Polski Eden Smartness - open class: CWC, CACIB, Best Bitch!
    • JCH PL Mł.Zw.Klubu First Lady Smartness - intermediate class: exc.2

    Greg's babies with scceses too:

    • Dream About Dream Z Domu Etny/ own. Dagmara Bołtrukiewicz, Z Domu Etny kennel: CWC, CACIB, Best Dog, BOB,
    • Margot Morasiowa Zagroda/own. Anna Bochyńska, Morasiowa Zagroda kennel

    It was't best show-day for Merci :-) howver she was 2nd in intermediate class with very nice critic. This opinion is very nice for me, and made by Leif Herman Wilberg'a is important for me, thank you!


    Internationale Show Leszno, judge Anna Kochan (N)

    • JCH PL Mł.Klubu First Lady Smartness - open class CWC
    • JCH PL Mł.Zw.Polski Eden Smartness - intermediate class: exc.2

    My dog's ofspring:

    • Dream About Dżamila Z Domu Etny/ own. Dagmara Bołtrukiewicz, Z Domu Etny kennel, daughter og Greg: CWC, CACIB, Bst Bitch
    • Ever Joy Rose Z Dou Etny/own. Dagmara Bołtrukiewicz, Z Domu Etny kennel, daughter of Rafiego: CWC, res.CACIB

    Thank you to Mrs Anna Kochan for such appreciated result!


    SE DK CH Double Happy Smartness SKIPPER - Next succes on show in Norway!

    05.06.2011 - Drammen, Norway - Internationale Show, judge: Andersen, (Per Kr) - Skipper - SE DK CH Double Happy Smartness, own. Tina Lejonsson/SE, son of Bounty and Greg (2009) - 2nd Best Dog, CAC, CACIB!!!


    SE DK CH Double Happy Smartness SKIPPER - next time show winner in Sweden!

    04.06.2011 - Vänersborg/ Szweden - Internationale Show, judge: Peter Harsanyi (HU) - Skipper - SE DK CH Double Happy Smartness, own. Tina Lejonsson/SE, son of Bounty and Greg (2009) - Best Dog, CAC, CACIB, BOB!!! results on Special Bearded Collie Club in Sweden:
    results - 04.06.2011


    SE DK CH Double Happy Smartness SKIPPER - winner on shows in Szweden!

    • 21.05.2011 - Hässleholm/ Szwecja - Internationale Show - Skipper - SE DK CH Double Happy Smartness, own. Tina Lejonsson/SE, son of Bounty and Greg (2009) - Best Dog, CAC, CACIB, BOB!!! finish Danish and Swedish Champion tittle!!! results on Special Bearded Collie Club/Sweden:
      results - Hässleholm - 21.05.2011
    • 22.05.2011 odbyła się specjalistyczna wystawa Bearded Collie, Skipper - SE DK CH Double Happy Smartness won champion class, gained Best Dog tittle! results on Special Bearded Collie Club/Sweden:results - Hässleholm - 22.05.2011

    25.03.2011 Puppies are born! My beloved Bounty last time give birth 8 black & white puppies, 4 dogs and 4 bitches. Welcome to puppy site, current litter.
    19.03.2011 GRETA JPL CH Fascination Smartness has her own web www! Welcome! Visit my Merci i Toffifee's sister
    13.03.2011 05.02.2011 Zarząd Główny Związku Kynologicznego w Polsce przyznał mi Honorową Odznakę Związku Kynologicznego w Polsce za osiągnięcia hodowlane. W dniu 13 marca br miałam przyjemność ją odebrać. To ogromne wyróżnienie, z którego jestem naprawdę dumna. Dziękuję Zarządowi Głównemu ZKwP, w tym szczególnie oddziałowi ZKwP w Poznaniu, dziękuję wszystkim, którzy w jakikolwiek sposób przyczynili się do tego, że moja hodowla została tak wysoko oceniona i doceniona, wszystkim, którzy prezentują psiaki mojej hodowli na ringach wystawowych w kraju i za granicą, każdemu kto posiada psiaka z przydomkiem Smartness, za ich postawę i miłość, bo dla takiech ludzi warto hodować - z serca ślę podziękowania. W sercu noszę też podziękowania dla hodowców, których pracę i myśl mogłam wykorzystać tworząc kolejne pokolenia Smartness. Dziękuję.
    06.03.2011 Krajowa wystawa Drzonków:
    Merci - Mł.Zw.Klubu JPL CH First Lady Smartness na kolejnej wystawie otrzymała tytuł BOB, Najlepsza Dorosła Suka w Rasie oraz CWC! Rozpoczęła tak samo w pieknym stylu drogę do tytułu dorosłego Championa Polski! Sędziemu Jerzemu Prywińskiemu serdeczne podziekowania za takie uznanie.
    27.02.2011 Champion of Champions Show Leszno:
    • JPL CH Mł.PL Winner Eden Smartness (Toffifee) Best Bitch!

    with CWC, she start PLCH tittle! Best of Breed - son of Greg - Dream about Deep z Domu Etny/own. Dagmara Bołtrukiewicz. Thank you to judge Krystyna Opara.
    12 i 13.02.2011 Krajowa Walentynkowa i Nocna wystawa Bydgoszcz:
    Merci - Mł.Zw.Klubu First Lady Smartness na obu wystawach otrzymała tytuł Zwycięzca Młodziezy, Najlepszy Junior oraz BOB! tym samym zakończyła w pieknym stylu drogę do tytułu Młodzieżowego Championa Polski! Sędzinom Barbarze Larskiej oraz Beacie Klawińskiej serdeczne podziękowania za takie uznanie oraz miłą ocenę i piękne słowa o mojej Merci.


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