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mine motto: Breeding is not only owning a bitch and sometimes puppies. Breeding is creating for a certain goal, for certain reasons and on certain rudiments. More you know, more you control.

I don't recall a day in my life when i didn't want to have a dog, and even when I had one, I wanted to have more.

I got my first dog - a bitch, as a Christmas present in 1980 and it was the most beautiful and greatest Christmas in my life. It was thanks to my neighbour, mrs Ela, who (only she knows how) encouraged my mother to take a puppy from her for me. Oh how grateful I am for my friends who were mrs Ela and mr Staszek...

Before that I could sometimes take Cora's mum for a walk, brush her or play with her sometimes, but that was far from having my own dog. So I dreamed... and in every dream a shaggy doggy similar to Polish Lowland Shepherd was accompaning me. However, he always had a nice tail.

Cora was a light-chocolate colored mongrel, embodiment of everything that I desired. Now I know she had all the features of Bearded Collie, although I didn't know that they exist back then. Bella was her mother - a chocolate Spaniel and Polish Lowland Shepherd mongrel, and her father was a black poodle. Such purebred coctails happen :-). Unfortunately not as often as we would want, and so my conviction is that a purebred dog, on which nature and looks people work for years, is a better choice, but I had no choice at that time. It was a quirk of fate, a gift, for which I am thankful till today!

Her great dedication, love, incredible smartness created an amazing link between us. We were bounded together. We were spending every free time with each other, every horse riding training, every vacation, we left family home together to study on Zootechnical Department on the Agronomical Akademy in Poznań, practises together, sometimes even in the cinema, cafe... as a matter of fact we were even married together :-). We both cared for my son after he was born. It seemed as if this was meant to last forever... but she left, too early. Still living in my memory and heart. There was nothing I could desire more than bringing her back to life. The world seemed endlessly empty... BLACK HOLE... It was Cora herself that has built my idea of dreams and aims.

I was looking for a dog similar at least in outline to her. Polish Lowland Shepherd, but there was no puppies at the time. Then, by coincidence, a Tybetan Terrier landed up in our home, Charm Hazo CS (Chech Republic) - first purebred dog. Similar to PON in appearence, with a tail curved up onto his back. I wanted him to calm my pounding heart. Unfortunately, character and nature of these dogs is far from what I wanted, much different from Cora's... Unfortunately Tybetans were not very common (this was the first one in Poland), books didn't tell much about them. The breeder asured me that this was what I was speaking of, that this is notwithstanding a shepherd dog (that's true)... but he wasn't the type I suspected. Or perhaps I wasn't ready for any dog to set my heart at rest? Or maybe I was asking him too strongly for attention, to show love, caring, positioning myself in the wrong place? Anyway, Charm came to us, charming as his name was saying, incredibly smart... but also very independant, cocky, often swashbuckling, mean (sic!)... I loved him very much, and although he didn't fullfil my expectations, he left something special in my heart, plenty of memories, stories told till this day to entertain friends... and knowledge about dogs and myself. I loved him, because there was no other option.

Ironically, the same year Charm came to us, I saw a dog that reminded me Cora of appearence and behaviour at a dog show in Poznań. I was staring at it fascinated and I was repeating "that's the one, only this one, I have to have that kind of a bitch!" They were just a bit bigger...

I didn't manage to reach the owners then, I didn't get to know what was the breed, but I learned that soon after. We were meeting them at the shows, most often charming fawn Bomba w Górę Cud nad Wisłą. I fell in love with this breed completely. There was no other option - we just waited for the opportunity. My husband also wanted very much to have a dog. "It will be Bearded Collie if any" - was my answer.

Bomba had puppies on spring 1991 and so my and our adventure with Bearded Collie began. Comming to us bitch Perskie Oko Bomba w Górę and soon a dog Shepherdess Fats WallerIt was indeed the dog of my dreams, an embodiment of Cora's nature, perfectly fitting my desires. Something that marked my way began. Since then on, through all these years I have gained knowledge, learned about them and fathoming the secrets of this wonderful breed has become my hobby and aim itself. Boogie - Beardcapers Yes Sir I Can Boogie, bitch was imported from Sweden It was next step to future. To making a dream true about Bearded Collie, more close to standard. She never gave me any puppy, but just because of her a lot of things happened latter... and go to my present situaion.

My studies were chosen deliberately, I studied what I love and which I gave my heart to without hesitation. To breed... but if to breed, then something that is worth it and for people that deserve it - thus Bearded Collie for people with great hearts and huge sensibility, looking for a sensitive and dedicated friend, who knows how to amuse, cheer up and become someone that cannot be replaced, that can merge into family.

Almost twenty years experience, all my knowledge not only about Beardie, gave me the rudiments to build my first own ideology - something that I aim at and that is most important for me:

1. Character: most of all even-tempered, also cheerful, happy, friendly. Never skittish or overexcitable.
2. Build: first of all correct, exactly how the standard describes it, which will allow the dog to live peaceful and long. Because Beardie is an embodiment of elegance and flirt - perfect balance of overall build.
3. Movement: beautiful, ambling, as if the dog was sliding in the air, just slightly touching the ground... with long hair and natural elegnace - a feast for the eye, but not only that. It is above all a passed exam on the perfect build. A shepherd dog has te be adjusted to long hours of work running. With perfect movement Bearded Collie actually doesn't toil; it seems as if he had an everlasting battery.
4. Hair: Bearded Collie is a long-haired breed, and hair is not only decoration. It is also a defense against environmental factors. It is a dog for those who aren't affraid of the fur, but... I am a lazy type myself. I'm not a hard-worker, but I wouldn't give away having Beardie at home for anything. Bearded Collie's hair ought to be long, since this is the kind of a dog we want to see. The fur should bring us joy, not trouble. I know from experience how much depends on the genetic line. The proper build of the hair, perfect, typical for shepherd dogs type of hair cannot full or tangle too quickly. The correct fur of a Beardie shoudln't require brushing more frequently than 2 times a month or one time every 3 weeks. The joy because of owning a beautiful, furry friend with minimum trouble - this is my vision of Bearded Collie's hair.
Breeding is not only owning a bitch and sometimes puppies. Breeding is creating for a certain goal, for certain reasons and on certain rudiments. This is the kind of breeding that attracts me, only this one interests me.
Smartness for me - Bearded Collie - love without boundaries, intelligence, wits, cleverness, charm, grace, elegance and style.

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