CAMMING LITTER - 14.02.2019 r.

Mother: JCHPL CHPL Zw.Klubu, Zw.Polski, Mł.Zw.Polski HowkeyeBelle Smartness

Stud dog - Father: Roxilyn Dark Star - Great Britain

(pregnancy confirmed)

Bella is a beautiful girl, very femine, delicate, airy and effortless on the move. I wanted for her a dog with a strong construction, who is still a medium sized dog (according to the standard, Bearded Collie is, and should be medium sized dog), with perfect proportions, with all the advantages of a dog, without overly expressed self. The choice fell on a dog who is no longer alive, but he was wonderful boy, friendly, a supper companion, and deserved to be kept for a long time as available. His semen was frozen. All what I heard, memories and stories about him, how he was, every day, at home, hearing how Karen warmly mentions him, how she misses him ... I saw and have possibility to met his children, grandchildren... all it together push me decided to try, and I am expecting the first Bearded Collie puppies in Poland from frozen semen :-)
You can not see him live today, but you can read what judges and breeders of Bearded Collie thought about him:

If you are interested about my breeding puppy do not hestide write or call me.

e-mail: mobile +48 515 689 403 or home: +48 61 427 59 12

At my home bitches have puppies once about two years, then sometimes is needed to wait a moment.

Information about planned litters

Not so many plans for future. Nowadays I got my first dream generations. Follow their maturing I will be able to make next step. Is planned litter for 2017 but which girl first? Bella? Sally? Merci… I do not know now, to many circumstances and situations, all can chacge my mind… I will inform when I will take decission.

As few years ago I kept few puppies I knows that will come time when they become older. The brood time when I have more litters is going to finish. In 3 years at home will be 6 veterans, and it mean that at Smartness again will be time when pups are available rather rare. just life. I hope my beardies will have long life, and I do not forgot about it. all of them, youngsters and oldies needs attention. They are my best friends, and I even I am a breeder and I love breed - their veteran age saing me a lot (about them, abour my breeding result…), and I just love them and NEED their company! Never ever breeding is up then their love, life and wellbeing. I want be with all of them from the begining, if possible from first to the last breath… I easy love them.